Nuthatches (Sittidae)

Nuthatch, Red-breasted

Sitta canadensis

The Red-Breasted Nuthatch moves through coniferous woods making an enk call. Here is a recording of what appeared to be fledglings begging for food as a family group moved through a spruce woodland. This insistent enk enk enk continued unabated until the birds moved out of earshot (> 5 min). These enks are very similar to adult calls; although much more frequent and persistent. (Group of three nuthatches recorded in Albany County, New York)
Habitat: Coniferous woodlands.

Nuthatch, White-breasted

Sitta carolinensis

The most common call is a nasal yank which is given by both sexes when disturbed or excited. An intruder or observer often elicits one or more yanks. The frequency and number of yanks seem to increase with the degree of excitement. The male's song is a rapid series of 8-12 notes that has been written as hah-hah-hah-. . . or wer-wer-wer. . . When a female is nearby the male makes the song-bow display; he extends his neck and bobs his head and body each time he sings. Males start singing in winter and continue into June. (Two birds, Albany County, New York.)
Habitat: Mature mixed and deciduous forest.