Weather Radar Near Albany, New York

Basic facts about the National Weather Service radar near Albany

Call letters: KENX (sometimes called ENX).
Location: East Berne, New York, about 17 mi (27.5 km) southwest of Albany International Airport.
Lat, Long: 42.5868, -74.0639
Antenna Elevation: 1934 ft (589.5 m) above sea level.

Facts about the base-level beam

The base-level beam clears the surrounding terrain except for some peaks in the Catskill Mountains (it's essentially blocked by Black Dome and Thomas Cole Mountains and about 50% blocked by Hunter Mountain.) It just skims over the highest hills in the Helderbergs.

The center of the base-level radar beam is more than 2000 ft (610m) above ground level in most of the capital region.

These figures in the table below are based on the beam tilt and curvature of the earth. Refraction, which depends on atmospheric conditions, bends the beam and can significantly lower or raise it.

Approximate Elevation of the Base Radar Beam at Various Locations
Location Distance from Radar Site (mi) Bottom of Beam
(ft agl*)
Center of Beam
(ft agl*)
Width of Beam (ft)
Five Rivers Environ Ed Center 8.8 1765 2170 810
Washington Park, Albany 16 1905 2645 1480
Hudson River at Albany 17 2105 2890 1570
Schenectady 17 1900 2685 1570
Vischer Ferry 19 1975 2850 1750
Coxsackie 19 2025 2900 1750
Cobleskill 22 1305 2320 2030
Tomhannock Reservoir 32 2165 3640 2950
Saratoga Springs 37 2470 4175 3410
*ft agl = feet above ground level.